Cabra Castle Hotel

Growing up, I was raised on Disney films! I’d get dressed up in princess gowns & dreamed of staying in a castle one day. Well… that dream came to life in IRELAND! It took me 20 years to realize that these real historical castles are the original inspiration to all those films I watched. I can promise you that it is truly a bucket list worthy experience at Cabra Castle! The next time you visit Ireland, treat yourself & indulge in a majestical castle experience.  

Cabra Castle History

Cabra Castle is one of the best known 4 star castle hotels in Ireland! It dates back to 1699 with 100 acres of beautifully manicured gardens and parkland to the magnificent 19th century. You will be taken back to a castle only seen in fairytales as you enter the long sweeping drive inside the grounds. From the outside, you will admire the grandeur and design of the castle. The English Ivy that climbs the wall was a plus (especially during Fall peak season) When you step inside, it’s like you’re walking back hundreds of years with all the historical artifacts and history seeping through the walls. A perk to this hotel is that you will most certainly be greeted and surrounded by the 2 Irish Wolfhounds that roam freely on property.

I fully lived out my princess dreams here at Cabra Castle and here is my review!


Cabra Castle is situated in the north-east of Ireland. Located only 1 hour from Dublin, the castle stands on the borders of County Monaghan, County Meath and County Cavan.

Address: Carrickmacross Rd, Cormey, Kingscourt, Co. Cavan, A82 EC64, Ireland


Cabra rates are on the affordable end (for a 4 star castle…) It ranges from 150€ to 350€ per night. The price of the room will depend on the accommodation options- main rooms in the castle, courtyard lodges, or cottages. All 3 types of rooms are located inside the property, however courtyard lodges and cottages are NOT inside the main castle. We booked directly on their website, chose a night in the castle and the total was 260€. Click here to book a night!


You do not get the option to choose which room you stay in, but from what I could see on the map of the grounds, we lucked out with a luxurious corner suite. Room 35 was tucked away in the corner with a separate mini staircase that leads up to the entrance. You get the privacy and seclusion you need, all while staying inside a magnificent castle.

Personally, I love that the bedroom was a blend of modern and royalty decor. There was a couch, desk, dining table, The bedroom had a cal king mattress and the sheets were unbelievably soft. There was a little walk in closet that reminded me of Harry Potter’s cupboard- it was a bit creepy in there.

Bathroom was shockingly spacious with a bathtub and waterfall shower. I treated myself to a bubble bath and it was a night of bliss!

The Courtroom Restaurant

At Cabra Castle, you can easily have the royal dining experience. You have 2 options for the dinner menu: 2 course (37.50 € ) or 5 course meal (46 € )

To be 100% honest with you, the meal was decent. Don’t expect Michelin stars, unique plating, quirky flavors in the dishes. You will get well cooked, traditional recipes that cater towards the older generations that stick to what they know and are comfortable with. Every single dish was appetizing and filling, bu my tastebuds weren’t impressed. The portion is very generous- my steak came in 2 huge pieces. It’s definitely an indulgence to book a meal here but personally, if I were to stay at the castle again, I’d be happy eating a cup ramen in my bedroom! 

Money Saving Tip: If you are on a tight budget or just want to be more money conscious, pack your own food to eat in the bedroom- instant noodles, oatmeal packet, etc


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